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About My  Business
LaMarch Inspection Services Inc.., takes home inspections to new levels of excellence
through knowledge, commitment, and expertise. As a buyer, purchasing a home is a
major investment and with a little help from a home inspector, you can know your new
home intimately before you move in. When selling a home, a pre-sale inspection allows
you to make necessary corrections and maintain the highest level of your asking price.

What is a Home Inspection?  
A home inspection is the observation of the home's present condition and its major
components at the time of inspection by a professional educated in this specific
industry. My observation's would include the operation of mechanical components such
as plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, etc., to determine whether the systems are
functioning as intended. A home inspection will include the observation of structural
components such as support beams, floor joints, foundation, roof, and all other major
areas which, together, make up a home and are visible and accessible to the
inspector. A thorough inspection should include driveway, doors, windows, walls,
etc.... from top to bottom .
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